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Heat Shrink Neoprene/Viton Tubing

Neoprene/Viton Heat Shrink Tubing- BD322/BD321

Heat Shrinkable Neoprene Tubing - BD322(M23053/1 Class 1, 2) is a modified polychloroprene recommended for applications requiring a tough, highly flexible covering. Neoprene remains flexible at low temperatures which makes it ideal for cables and harness applications that operate in severe environmental conditions.

This tubing has a thick-wall construction to provide superior cut-through and abrasion resistance. It is unaffected by most fluids and solvents along with excellent resistance to oils.

Heat Shrinkable Viton Tubing - BD321(M23053/13) offers the outstanding low temperature and chemical resistance properties found in Neoprene with the addition of high temperature performance up to 200°C.

The tubings are easily marked by hot-stamping for permanent wire and terminal identification.

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