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Non-Shrink Sleevings

When you need protection without shrinkable characteristics, use one of our Non-Shrink Sleevings.

Expandable Polyester Sleeving -
Standard BD220 / Flame Retardant BD221

Expandable Polyester Sleeving (BD220) is a light-weight, encapsulating sleeving designed to expand and adjust to irregular surfaces to protect cable bundles and wire assemblies. It is braided from polyethylene terephthalate monofilament which offers cut-through, chemical and fungus resistance in addition to abrasion resistance.

Push the sleeving over large fittings to expand its size. Once over, expandable sleeving becomes a snug, form-fitting cover that adjusts to irregular shapes and contours providing abrasion resistance and protection with a minimum of bulk and weight.

Polyester expandable sleeving is available as a standard U/L recognized product rated for 125°C. It can also be supplied with the added feature of flame retardance (BD221). Also U/L recognized for 125°C, the flame retardant version carries U/L's highest VW-1 rating.

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expandble polyester sleeving

Fiberglass Sleeving - BD213/BD210/BD211/BD212

Fiberglass sleeving is designed for heat resistance along with a variety of coatings to meet specific thermal and dielectric requirements.

Heat treated (BD213) fiberglass is designed for applications up to 1200°F. It is annealed to remove any organic impurities and to improve its fray resistance. It is often used where air gap electrical insulation is sufficient, particulary where high temperatures are encountered.

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fiberglass sleeving

Vinyl coated (BD210) fiberglass is coated with a specifically formulated vinyl designed to provide high dielectric strength and good heat resistance. Rated for continuous operation at 130°C its excellent flexibility and toughness makes it ideal for many applications. The vinyl coating is flame retardant and is Underwriters approved VW-1.

Acrylic coated (BD211) fiberglass is a flexible fully cured acrylic coating applied to a tightly braided fiberglass sleeving. This coating offers excellent cut-through resistance and compatibility with most varnishes, resins and wire enamels. Rated for continuous use at 155°C it is ideal for insulating motor leads and a variety of instruments.

Silicone coated (BD212) fiberglass is a highly flexible sleeving designed for use at temperatures up to 200°C. It also retains its flexibility at temperatures as low as -70°C. This sleeving is compatible with most high temperature insulation systems, exhibits excellent corona resistance and is self-extinguishing leaving only a non-conductive ash. Its applications are widespread because of its large operating band and includes insulation of leads and connections in transformers.

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